In line with our eco friendly initiatives and goal to offer quality, environmentally friendly housing, we have designated garden space at each of our locations. We have done away with the treated lawns, and are working to implement rain gardens, food gardens, and tenant friendly spaces.

Each property has a unique garden with edibles and other usable plants. We, the gardeners, want you to benefit from the beauty and sustenance of the garden!

It is the goal of the gardening team to create spaces the tenants can use. The level of participation in the garden projects is up to you; from just a good view out of your window, to planting your own plants, or spending some quality time caring for the garden. We would love to be working with you in the garden talking plants and plans.

As the growing season is now in full swing, we will provide updates with what plants are growing in your yard, what there is to eat, how to harvest, and helpful tips/uses for your harvest.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us at and we will forward it to our head gardener!

Thank you!

Green Rock Gardening Team

Downtown – Elliot Park
Perennials and produce proliferate at Portland Ave. Follow a winding path through wildflowers and native plants, glean some vegetables from the raised bed boxes, and grab some herbs for dinner. We have plenty of room in our 8 grow boxes and a full city lot for garden spaces. Contact us for assignment.

Downtown – Lofts
Even with limited space in this urban setting; vegetables, herbs, and flowers line the parking lot and work to capture run off and provide another highlight to the amazing views. We will set up a grow box for you upon request.

Uptown – Whittier
Hearty with vegetables, Harriet’s garden is a new development for Green Rock with hand crafted beds and trellises. The whole garden is easy to access and has a ton of produce and herbs for tenants to utilize.

Northeast – Windom
A cool space to relax, the shady garden at Northeast is planted with perennial plants and many mature trees. In the backyard is a picnic table for a grill out or small gathering.

Northeast Duplex
A colorful garden designed to capture rain water runs the length of the duplex. From the first warm weather to fall colors, there is always something blooming in this multipurpose garden. We have an 1/8 th of an acre just down the alley for you to garden for free! Gardening is like printing your own money, so you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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