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Let the gardening begin!

2013-04-02 10.55.13

Benji holds corn flower and mammoth sunflower seeds harvested from last year’s gardens.

 Meet Benji. He is our head gardener at Green Rock Apartments. Gardening has been an increasingly important part of summer work at Green Rock. We have moved beyond traditional landscaping – trimmed trees and shrubs, flower beds, and homogenous green grass – to what we like to call “foodscaping” – an emphasis on planting edible greens, vegetables, and fruits that we can harvest with our tenants. We have also applied sustainability principles to our landscaping, such as rain water gardens designed to bring more water back to the aquifers, and organic heirloom seed varieties that promote biodiversity.

As the snow continues to melt and our Midwest weather returns to what an outsider would finally call “tolerable,” the itch to get digging in the dirt grows. Soon Benji will be planting beans along our fence lines and germinating seedlings to be transplanted at a later date. For now he is organizing and collecting seeds.

Benji is holding seeds harvested from last year at our Uptown location on Harriet Ave. In his left hand is the Russian Mammoth Sunflower. Most of its’ seeds were gobbled up by birds and squirrels last fall, but the few remaining will be enough to bring us another plot of gorgeous sunflowers. In his right hand is a bunch of corn flower seeds, still on the stems.

Stay tuned to see what else spring brings!


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