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2015 was a busy year. I have been busy putting in gardens, trying to get more sustainable in all aspects of my life, trying to be a better father to my 2 wonderful kids. This has been a very intense learning year for me. I have learned how to do a blog, build a website, fix a boiler, install and maintain your wireless networks at our various locations, and on and on. I am writing a blog on our website and would hope you would visit and give us feedback on our initiatives or how we are doing as managers. Just go to our site and the blog is at the bottom of the page. The following is the short list of 2015.

 In 2015:
*We super insulated 2 houses
*Purchased 58 high efficiency, infrared space heaters, reducing heating energy use by over 50 percent
*Gave out at no charge 30 induction cook tops that will not heat up your apartment in the summer, avoiding air conditioning costs
*Started a compost system at a church and a sustainable living team that partners with 3 outside organizations
*Installed 200 feet of boulevard bee gardens
*Installed a city lot full of gardens and planted 50 trees at various locations
*Converting a lot at 609 15th street East, Elliot Park into a community garden.
*Planned 2 super efficient apartments in NE
*Made and delivered 20 sets of thermal curtains at no charge to tenants
*Installed 2 rapid charge stations for use by the public at 2 locations
* Donated more than 50,000 dollars to environmental and social justice causes
* Donated incentives to encourage 10 new electric vehicle purchases
*Produced enough solar power to offset 50,000 trees worth of carbon into the atmosphere.
Yes. I am intense. Intense and intent on leaving the world better than I found it. Peace to you. Let us know if you need anything. We are also on face book under Green Rock Apartments.


  1. I really enjoy renting from Greenrock. The price includes everything in one fell swoop, including Internet and a parking spot. It’s well kept and well maintained.

    My only suggestion is to get laundry machines that take either credit cards or other cards that can be loaded with money electronically. Not having to scrounge for quarters when needing to do a last minute load of laundry would make things even better!

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