Eco-Conscious Urban Living

Recycling/Green Resources

Here at Green Rock Apartments, we’re dedicated to fostering an active community within our properties, and reduce our overall impact on the environment. To that effect, we provide various recycling receptacles (electronics/batteries, light bulbs, metal scraps, plastic bags, and styrofoam) at each of our properties, in addition to single stream waste and recycling dumpsters. Our tenants are encouraged to compost their biodegradable waste, and each of our properties has access to compost bins on site. We also provide all of our tenants with access to Eco-friendly soaps and detergents from Restore Naturals, composting bags, biodegradable pet waste bags, and recycled, 100% plastic-free toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap. Many of our properties are outfitted with solar panels on the roof, and some even have electric vehicle charging stations!

Green Rock wants to ensure that we will all have a clean, healthy environment for future generations to enjoy. Below are some links, guidelines, and infographics to fo

Recycling Guide

Here’s a thorough guideline for recycling practices specific to Minneapolis. Minneapolis Recycling

Want to be greener but not quite sure how? Click here for an easy-to-follow recycling guide.

Don’t throw that Styrofoam away! The Coon Rapids Recycling Centeraccepts Styrofoam and practically anything else you can think of!


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