Eco-Conscious Urban Living

Zero Waste Initiatives

Here at Green Rock Apartments, we are working towards zero waste across the board. It is a goal we take very seriously as with energy use of fossil fuels, food waste, water waste, etc. All these are measures of our environmental impact and we have to start mitigating our consumption for the sake of future generations.  We encourage our tenants to recycle everything.

We collect scrap metal and deliver it to the scrap yard to be processed. One new things this year is to step up local recycling at, a non-profit for recycling e-waste and small electronics and cell phones. We will be purchasing collections containers from, a recycled recycling, and recyclable container system for all our locations. So remember:  Think outside the box,  then recycle the box and ! Dale.

Garden Goods Delivery

photo (3)

Above is the first Green Rock Garden Goods Delivery!

There is so much growing in the garden; vegetables, herbs, flowers, most of which can be used in your home. To make it a little easier to get these goods to you, we have started a garden goods delivery. In the same vein of a CSA share, but for no cost. 10 lucky (quick to respond tenants) are receiving a weekly delivery of whatever or any produce we have ready in the gardens. This way, we will hopefully not be wasting any naturally, locally grown food!

As always, anyone is welcome to take what they would like and can use from the gardens. Please keep enjoying the space! We are hoping to increase production for growing seasons to come, so more people can benefit from this homegrown utility.

If you are interested in a vegetable delivery for next growing season; spring, summer, or fall 2015, please let Courtney (me) know soon. I am in the midst of planning higher production spaces and need to design space to grow enough for the demand. AND on that note any tenants with ideas or desire to participate in garden design planning,please get in touch with me! I would love some input and ideas!


Go out and get local food!


Harriet Ave there is a ton of greens and veggies ready in your garden. Get out there and pick something for dinner tonight.

To the left of the front door is an herb bed with mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, catnip, basil, and cilantro.

Out in the garden there are tomatoes, radishes, lettuce greens, swiss chard, kale, peas, and peppers ready to be gleaned!